Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Them There Politic Fellers

Them there politic fellers....I tell you what. They sound like they got mouths fulla sh*t.

You got republicans 'n deemocrats. Dey all sound the same to me. But at least dem 'publicans ain't got no queers or communists or foreigners. Damn. Pitiful.

Let me tell you 'bout dem dere politic fellers.

Them there politic fellers talk like fellers with a paper asshole. They run they mouths. Run 'em like a clock. Oughta just turn them there mouths off with flippin' a switch.

If you like listenin' to them there politic fellers....if you like them talkin' with a paper asshole and runnin' they mouths like a ain't werth sh*t.

I'm Woody the Redneck.

Woody the Redneck
A Dixie Production
Starring Jack Truman as Woody

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