Monday, June 25, 2012

Them There TV's and Cell Phones

I tell you what.

Don't know 'bout this here country. You got that there TV. That's communist. Them there cell phones. That's the devil there. And them there computers. That take the cake.

I grew up in the day of pencil and paper. You listen to that there radio and record player. 'N talk to people. These here people nowadays don't even wanna talk to people. That ain't natural. That ain't American.

If you got a TV...or you on the computer...or you got one a them there cell ain't worth sh*t.

I'm Woody. I'm a redneck.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Them There Queers - Thoughts from Woody the Redneck

I tell you what. I wunder what kinda country we live in here these here days. Theys queers. Queers in this here country. If you a queer...or you behind the ain't werth sh*t....

We ain't got no queer in these here parts. And don't you think we don't neither. We got laws protectin' our kind. Them there queer know they better stay away from here.

And you talk about laws. Them queer wanna change them there laws. They think they got rights. Queer don't got rights. They ain't people. They ain't 'Merican. If you a queer...or you behind the ain't werth sh*t.

I'm Woody. I'm a Redneck.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little Sarcasm From Woody

I was paintin' a fence behind my trailer today. A feller come by and said 'you paintin' yer fence?' I said no. I'm milkin' some cows while drinkin' and drivin' while wavin' my confederate flag.

I'm Woody. I'm a Redneck.