Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Redneck Sayin's From Just Talkin' 'Bout Life

Hey there y'all. My name's Woody. I'm a redneck.

I just talk 'bout life, and them there redneck sayin's come outta my mouth as smooth as a glove. Clear as a bell.

It's easy to get peeved at this here country. I ain't gonna say too much on this hear internet. But I get peeved all the time. You all know what I'm sayin'. I ain't gittin' peeved. I done got peeved.

These hear fellers that ain't rednecks. These fellers talk like a man with a paper asshole.

When it gits hot out, it gits hotter than blazes. And I git hotter than a bitch in heat.

And hotter than a bowl a chili.

These are just a few redneck sayin's, just talkin' 'bout life.

I'm Woody. I'm a redneck.

The Web Series
Starring Jack Truman as Woody