Saturday, December 14, 2013

Redneck Roadtrip to Hollywood: Injuns, Tee Pees and the Route 66 Cafe

Hey there, y'all. My name's Woody. I'm a redneck.

I'm on the road, headin' to Hollywood. My kin and I's gonna be in the movies.

On this hear road trip, we somewhere right now in the middle of Arizonie. Ain't seen no Injuns yet. Lookin' fer tee pees. Got a good eatin' place out in these hear parts called the Route 66 Cafe. They got good eats. My big 'ole wife and little ones all got they bellies full.

I blind to seein' any Injuns yet. Blind as Lottie's eye.

These hear foreigners out here. You know what they get? They git what the little boy shot at. And that's nuthin'.

This here's a long road trip.

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