Thursday, March 28, 2013

Women, Dopers and Them There Queers

I tell you what.

Don't know 'bout this hear country we all live in.

I'm talkin' 'bout women, dopers and them there queers.

Back here in da boonies, you can't beat this livin' with a stick. We white, we God lovin', beer drinkin', trailer park livin', married with kids rednecks. Life don't git much better.

But you talk 'bout them there city slickers. You talk about them there dummies and weirdos that ain't redneck. They ain't American. They ain't werth shit.

You git on this hear thang they call the internet and I can't believe my eyes. Lookit what's in the news here. Nothin' but stuff 'bout women, dopers and them there queers.

Them there women. If you lookit them there women outside a these hear parts, they think they got a brain. They think they got a thang between their legs. They think they's the same as a feller.

If you think the woman is the same as a feller, you ain't werth shit.

Them there dopers. They's places in this hear country where that there dope is legal. Them there dopers can buy that dope. That ain't American. You don't see no dopers 'round these hear parts. And don't think you will neithers.

If you a doper, or you behind the doper, you ain't American. You ain't werth shit.

And talk 'bout queer. Them there queers. Alls I hear 'bout on this hear computer thang is stuff in the news 'bout them there queers. Everybody talkin' bout them there queers gittin' married. Wantin' ta change these hear laws. What happened to this hear country? People for the queer...they queer. They got queer. If they ain't queer they behind the queer.

If you queer, or you behind the queer, you ain't American. You ain't werth shit.

Redneck livin' God lovin'. Redneck livin' American. If you ain't a redneck, if you behind them women, dopers and queers, you ain't werth shit.

I'm Woody the Redneck.

The Web Series
Based off the award winning hit short film
A Dixie Film

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