Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Them There Foreigners....Chinks, Mexicans, Diegos....

The Award Winning Satire Short Film
Starring Jack Truman as Woody

Let me tell y'all 'bout them there foreigners.

I don't know bout this hear country we all live in. In my grandpappy's day, we just had our own kind. You didn't see any other kinds around. And that's how it still is in these hear parts.

In my grandpappy's day, they flew confederate flags high and proud....and that ain't all they hung neithers.

You look around this hear country and all you see is them there foreigners. Russians, Greeks, Mexicans, Chinks, Diegos, Jigs, Polacks....I kin go on and on. I hear in some parts theys people in this country that don't even talk our language. Makes me wonder what kind a country we live in.

You a good redneck if you white, protect your own kind, speak American, and fly yer confederate flag.

You don't see none a them there foreigners around these hear parts. And don't you think you won't neithers.

If you behind the foreigner, you ain't American. You ain't werth shit.

I'm Woody the Redneck.

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