Thursday, January 24, 2013

WOODY THE REDNECK at Sundance 2013


Woody the Redneck

I tell you what....

I been here on this Main Street fer a few days. And these hear movie star fellers walk, talk 'n act like they got a corn cob stuck up their asshole.

They call this hear thang Sundance. After a few days I can't figger it out. Ain't seen no one dancin'. Figgered they'd all be dancin' on the street under this here sun.

And you talk about all these hear diff'rnt types on these streets. Blacks. Chinks. Diegos. Fellers walkin' 'round holdin' other fellers hands. I saw one feller with a dress on. All kinds round these hear parts. And gals speakin' they wouldn't catch these types in these parts back in my part a the woods in the boonies. I figgered I'd see more fellers like me up here in the mountains.

Some diff'rent fellers down the street at a place in a motel on this here Main Street at a movie place they call Slamdance. They got all kinds a fellers here. But at least they got some good 'uns fer movies. Saw this here picture show called THE DIRTIES. Didn't know what wuz so dirty 'bout it. Fellers with guns. My kinda fellers. Purty good target practice they wuz takin'.

I don't know bout these here snooty snoots in this town and walkin' on the street. I don't like seein' fellers with a corn cob up their ass. Makes me miss home.

I'm Woody the Redneck.

Woody the Redneck
The Web Series
Starring Jack Truman as Woody
Based off the award-winning hit short film
A Dixie Film

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